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It is a ready reckoner for alternative words. It is an ideal tool that will equip you with a wide choice of words to be used in different situations appropriately. Here, you can find the meanings of any words either in English or in any other local languages as per your choice by sending an SMS to our server number [9544 68 5858] as per the given format

  • English to English(D/dyour word)
  • English to Malayalam(DM/Dm/dmyour word)
  • English to Hindi(DH/dh/Dhyour word)
  • Malayalam to English(MD/md/Mdyour word)
  • Hindi to English(HE/he/Heyour word)
  • Hindi to Malayalam(HM/hm/Hmyour word)
  • •Malayalam to Hindi(MH/mh/Mhyour word)