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Tudens is an highly advanced institutional management software which helps you to extract any information about any functioning of college in a single click. This software enhances student-teachers-parent relationship which is a cyclic process. It has been designed to keep in track the overall performance of a student and helps to communicate with teachers. Easy access just via SMS or internet makes it simple to use. The 24*7 service makes it more effective. It also includes separate login for admin (head of the institution), teachers, parents and students. The features included in this software make it better than many other versions.

  • Search Engine
  • Scheduler
  • Notification
  • Tweet Box
  • Time Table Generator
  • Event Management
  • ePayment
  • mySis
  • Remarks
  • Forum
  • Library
  • Office Status
  • Anti-Ragging Cell
  • SMS Taxi
  • University Notification


It is the best tool that helps you save your precious time and energy. It is the solution for all your payments. All the payments are integrated through mobile development. Once this application is downloaded in your mobile, a single SMS will settle your bill. Thus your daily chores get quicker and easier. The payment includes

  • Landline bill payments
  • Mobile bill payments
  • Electricity bill payments
  • Mobile recharges
  • University payments
  • Water authority payments
  • College payments


It is a ready reckoner for alternative words. It is an ideal tool that will equip you with a wide choice of words to be used in different situations appropriately. Here, you can find the meanings of any words either in English or in any other local languages as per your choice by sending an SMS to our server number [9544 68 5858] as per the given format

  • English to English(D/dyour word)
  • English to Malayalam(DM/Dm/dmyour word)
  • English to Hindi(DH/dh/Dhyour word)
  • Malayalam to English(MD/md/Mdyour word)
  • Hindi to English(HE/he/Heyour word)
  • Hindi to Malayalam(HM/hm/Hmyour word)
  • •Malayalam to Hindi(MH/mh/Mhyour word)